VirtueMart is one of the leading Joomla! eCommerce shopping carts, and now with BreezingForms integration, it’s more powerful than ever.Do VirtueMart 2 custom fields lack important functionality you need for your product pages?

For starters: While the core custom fields functionality supports quite a few field types, it doesn’t handle advanced features like conditional fields, dependencies, required fields or external table lookups.If you want to use custom fields to change product prices based on dimensions, or as the result of several calculated conditional fields, you have to hope that someone, somewhere, has released a VM2 plugin to handle it.And then, after you’ve developed your store and attached a large number of custom field options to your products….


You live in dread of the day you have to make changes to them.  To add a new option to an existing custom field requires you to go into each and every product to make the change.  

So what if we told you that you could take all the great features of BreezingForms and use them in your VirtueMart 2 store to solve these problems?We now offer a great extension that allow you to do just that. You’re limited only by your imaginationBreezing Forms Custom Fields for VirtueMartBuild a custom form and embed it right into the VirtueMart 2 product page Require shoppers to complete all required form fields before they add the item to their cartBuild complex product selections for configurable items, conditional fields and more, using all the wonderful BreezingForms functionality you loveAdjust and/or override product pricing based on form responses or calculated fields Brings form field responses into VM2 product detailsSelected form fields display in the cart and on the orderAdd any BreezingForm to unlimited VM2 products in your store (currently supports up to 10 unique forms)Build a form once, and embed the form into a VM2 product in one easy step by adding a single custom field to its configuration Apply your BreezingForms CSS to form content in the VM2 product page to make beautiful product selection sections All of this with NO hack to either VirtueMart or BreezingForms!

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