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The demo forms and videos below are from BreezingForms' QuickMode. The QuickMode is the most powerful and easiest to use form mode. See the forms and videos below to get an idea how quickly even complex forms can be created.

The QuickMode allows you to focus on form creation rather than design hassle. You don't need to handle complicated layouts, you just create them while doing your form. BreezingForms takes care that everything will look neat and professional -- automatically.

If you need a different look, choose from the available themes or just create your own theme!

Same goes for the mobile mode: Create your QuickMode form and it will work like the desktop version, but heavily optimized for mobile output.

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Demo Forms

    The features in the demos work the same across all Joomla! versions (3.x, 2.5, 1.7, 1.6)

Job Application Demo (default theme & responsive)

Job Application Demo (with "stasis" theme & form apps)
(for form app demo, please open with your mobile phone/tablet)

Records Frontend Edit (+ ContentBuilder integration)

Google Drive Spreadsheets Demo

Responsive Calendar

HTML5 File Upload With Progressbars (Flash/HTML4 Fallback, image preview, iOS6+ compatibility and large file uploads)

Live Search Address Book Form!
(commercial form app from our market)

User Registration Form
(commercial form app from our market)

All Elements Example

Characters Left

Conditional Fields


    The features in the videos work the same across all Joomla! versions (3.x, 2.5, 1.7, 1.6)

BreezingForms Introduction

BreezingForms Tags & Content Display

ContentBuilder Integration (frontend/backend content editing)

Google Spreadsheets Integration

Mobile Forms

MailChimp® Integration Tutorial

QuickMode: File upload with progressbars

QuickMode: Contact form with summary page

QuickMode: Turn fields or sections on/off

QuickMode: Old Introduction

EasyMode: SimpleContactForm

EasyMode: EnhancedContactForm with reply-to
(watch SimpleContactForm video above first!)

EasyMode: Form + PayPal payment (including paid downloads)

Integrator: Insert + Update Tutorial



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