Breezing Slide Show - Support


  • Obtain the installation package on the Breezing Slide Show product page.
  • Log into Joomla backend, go to Extensions => Extension Manager => Install => select the file => click "Upload & Install".
  • Open Extensions => module manager => click "New" in the upper right => select "Breezing Slide Show".
  • Your first Breezing Slide Show instance is installed. Now let's configure...


  • Open the previously created instance in the module manager.
  • In "Title", add a title for this instance.
  • Set "Status" to "published".
  • Choose the module position where it should appear and select "Display on all pages".
  • Set more options as desired (for example language if this is a multi-language site.
  • Upload your pictures into the /images folder in Joomla by FTP
  • In the module settings, right-hand, add the relative paths to the images in "Provide the image path", separated by comma.
  • Add labels and links to the corresponding options "Image Labels" and "Image Links".
  • Select font and label background colors to match your website style.
  • Save the instance and check if the module appears under the module position given.

Load within article

  • Create your article
  • Create your module instance as described above but choose a module position that won't ever appear on your site.
  • In your article content, add { loadposition POSITIONNAME }
  • Check the article in frontend and see if the slider appears

For more information on the available options, please see the module's configurations and the tooltips.


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