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BreezingForms, an enterprise featured form plugin for WordPress®. From simple forms up to complex form applications -- almost everything is possible! If you are a professional, serving multiple customers who frequently require forms or form based applications, then BreezingForms is the tool of your choice. You are tired of the limitations of existing WordPress® form plugins? Then go for BreezingForms!

BreezingForms has a long history of innovations that haven't been seen in Wordpress® plugins before and until today. We continuously develop and implement new interesting features. With BreezingForms, you are holding a quality and value plugin in your hands that you don't want to miss again.

BreezingForms is one of the most actively developed plugins for WordPress®.

A few important key features:

  • Multipage forms
  • Conditional fields
  • File uploads with progress bars
  • Form themes
  • Fancy Mobile Support: Create your form once and display for both, desktop and mobile devices
  • Business: Salesforce® integration
  • Sharing: Dropbox® integration
  • Newsletters: MailChimp® integration
  • Outstanding form creation interface for rapid form building.
  • Complete set of form creation features
  • Responsive form layouts
  • Summary Items
  • Maximum length counters for textareas
  • Captcha: Native and reCaptcha
  • Widget Support
  • Shortcode Helper
  • Package system: Create your forms once and export them to other sites
  • Submission Export: PDF, CSV and XML
  • Developer friendly: Extend your forms within BreezingForms by using its infrastructure -- no hacking required.
  • Does not load its scripts and styles across your entire site
Requirements: WordPress®, PHP 5+, MySQL 3+

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Differences between free at wordpress.org and pro
Feature Free Pro
Unlimited Fields no yes
Mobile Forms no yes
Dropbox® Integration no yes
Salesforce® Integration no yes
Upload Image Preview no yes
25+ Form Themes no yes
Sample Forms no yes
Professional Support no yes


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